Astral Dynamics - A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Pages · · MB · Downloads ·English. astral travel. Preview Download. Astral Dynamics. Pages · · MB · 8, Downloads ·English. by Robert Astral Dynamics - A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body ASTRAL DYNAMICS: NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experience .. To be more precise, it is the downloading of the projected double's.

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Full text of "Astral Dynamics A NEW Approach To Out Of Body Experiences" If the download of the projected double's shadow memories (into an accessible. Book of Out-of-Body Experiences Download PDF EPUB eb download Astral . Astral Dynamics: A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experience. (Download) 90 Days to Possessing Your Healing pdf by Kynan Bridges Download Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-Of-Body Experiences pdf - Robert In this fascinating volume, Robert Bruce has drawn Astral projection is the.

I longed for still more. Finally in the early spring of , I discovered Mr. Robert Bruce's work on the Internet. In a series of constantly updated articles, I realized he was introducing an excitingly innovative approach to out-of-body projection and astral travel. An approach which included sound yet radically different theory, detailed practical experiments and, finally, individual case studies.

In these studies, the reader meets many people who tried his new techniques and experiments and experienced almost immediate results in projection.

I also discovered, while reading his on-line. Maintaining the sense of immensity, formulate imaginatively a globe of brilliant white light just above, but not touching, your head.

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This globe of light represents, and awakens the energies of, the crown chakra of your astral body. It symbolizes, too, that level of the psyche that is the supreme nexus between your individual personality and the glorious infinity of the divine mind. There is, nonetheless, a safeguard here against any possible danger that this stage of the formulation might lead to a false inflation of the ordinary consciousness, with an appropriation to itself of powers that do not belong inher- Physical and Astral Preparations 21 ently to it.

The sphere of light is located just above, but not touching, the crown of the head. This separation is to denote that the crown chakra, representing the higher self, the link with the divine life, is always above the level of ordinary conscious personality, though the latter should ever aspire to participate in its gifts and should in truth participate increasingly in them, though they are beyond the intrinsic functioning of the rational mind.

In the realization of this globe, and of the marvel and mystery it implies, visualize its luminosity increasing to an intense radiance that falls upon you and through you, permeates your whole being and surrounds you as an aura of white brilliance.

The steady increase of the luminosity of the globe of light, and of the encompassing and permeating brilliance that emanates from it, is not simply an exercise of the visual imagination. To begin to fulfill this phase of the technique aright, the conceptual and emotional imagination must from the outset be engaged with the spiritual beauty and awe-inspiring wonder of the mystery that it represents, transcendent yet intimately present to you.

And in the final stages of this visualization you should imagine your whole being as pervaded and aureoled by the glorious light of your divine higher self a splendor in which even your instinctual and material levels are encompassed. Section B Establishing the Circle 6. Continuing to imagine the globe of light above your head, and the aura of white brilliance that surrounds you, now visualize a circular wall of white light slowly revolving counterclockwise about your room.

Chapter 3 22 7. Still maintaining the mental image of the globe of light and the encompassing aura of brilliance, now visualize a second wall of light, just within the first.

This one, however, should be seen as pale blue and as revolving clockwise. Allow the visualizations to fade from your awareness. Awakening the Light The above procedure, then, is in two sections, the first of which - A is a powerful and beneficial technique in its own right. We shall meet with it again, later in this book.

Astral Dynamics

For ease of reference and for practical application, it may be noted that the salient points of the first section of the Setting apart of the place are: Awakening the Light 1. A standing posture is adopted, facing east. The attention is turned to the source of Light and Life.

An imaginative increase of stature is accomplished. The sense of immensity being maintained, a globe of brilliant white light is formulated just above the head. The luminosity of the globe increases, permeates your entire being, and surrounds you with an aura of light. Establishing the Circle The second section of Setting apart of the place involves the creation of the circle of protection, the establishment of a dedicated space in Physical and Astral Preparations 23 In the form of Setting apart of the place given here, two circles are constructed: the first, which revolves counterclockwise, is a banishing circle, and when you imaginatively construct it you should hold in mind the intention of cleansing the place of all unwanted astral influences.

The second circle, which revolves clockwise, is an invoking circle, and when you formulate this you should hold in mind the intention of filling the defined space with positive vibrations of love, peace, and spiritual energy.

An ensign of power As an alternative to forming the second circle, you could instead, after visualizing the first, counterclockwise circle and uttering the affirmation, trace a sign toward each quarter in turn: east, south, west, and north respectively so as to initiate the clockwise current of invocation.

This sign should be something meaningful to you, something in which you wholeheartedly believe, something that signifies to you, personally, the power of spiritual goodness and authority: a cross, for example, or a circled cross; a five-pointed star, or the Star of David, or whatever. To conclude the procedure, when you have completed the tracing of this sign toward the quarters you should utter the second affirmation while facing east.

Similarly the higher unconscious, the "Higher Self" of a person, has been deeply penetrated and analyzed by mystical researchers of the great religious and philosophic schools. Interestingly, many of the findings of the mystics are closely paralleled in the case histories and interpretations given by C. Jung in his books. All these matters can be followed out extensively in the appropriate works, but theoretical study is only part - and for our present purpose not the most important part - of the needed activity.

The higher and lower unconscious are the most spiritually potent areas of the psyche; but the rational consciousness must be brought into contact with 25 26 Chapter 4 them, so as to direct the lower effectively and to work in harmony with the higher.

It is necessary therefore to bring both these areas as fully as possible into relationship with your conscious personality, without rationalizing them in a way that would nullify their power.

It is also for every reason good for your psychophysical well-being to bring a free interaction of the flow of life-energies, both spiritual and instinctual, to your personality in all its levels.

This free interaction is needed, apart from its general psychosomatic benefits, to maximize the awareness both inward and cosmic that you can bring into your astral activity. Communication of levels A living basis for this interaction exists already in the structure of the psyche itself. A large number of people who have not yet formed an established communication with their Higher Self certainly possess, from birth or by training, a high degree of psychic perception - perception of forms and emotions in the Astral World directly through their astral body - on which in their daily life they can depend for frequent insight and guidance.

There are however other people who have no such familiar doorway into astral perceptions, but who nevertheless in some moment of urgent crisis have received from their inner consciousness a coherent and succinct message, which deals at once and effectively with the matter. Many instances of this isolated but vital communication from the unconscious have been known, such messages being generally remarkable for the cogency and the accuracy of their information, as well as for their brevity and their tone of high authority.

The explanation is that because of the seriousness of the crisis - often a matter of life and death - a subliminal channel of communication is opened between the Higher Self and the instinctual level of the psyche: the Higher Self intervening to preserve the wholeness, or even the continued existence, of the incarnate personality which, in most perfect and primal bonding, it entirely loves. Even apart from interventions of this kind, however, it is essential to the good functioning of your whole personality that each of its levels, Exciting and Refining the Astral Body 27 the spiritual and the mental as well as the emotional and instinctual, should flow freely into its adjacent levels.

The following simple technique serves two purposes, both very relevant to astral projection. You will feel the benefits of this technique increasingly with use, not only as regards astral practice but also in relation to the whole of your lifestyle.

In the first place, it steps up the energy levels of the astral body and ensures free flow of vitality - and, consequently, enhances communication between the levels of the psyche; and in the second place it circulates and redistributes astral energies so that when astral substance is used it is not simply drawn from the "gross astral" level. Foundation Technique 1. Assume a well-balanced standing posture in which your feet are together and your arms are held loosely at your sides.

Astral projection

Maintaining this posture, visualize a sphere of brilliant white light - your crown center - just above your head. On an in-breath, imagine a beam of white light being drawn down from the crown center to your breast, where it forms your heart center as a brilliant white globe. On an out-breath, imagine the beam of white light descending from your heart center to your feet, where it forms another center in white light, radiant but less brilliant than the crown.

On an in-breath, see a flash of golden light rise from your feet center and pass upward into your heart center. On an out-breath, the movement of the light rests, and you mentally affirm the three centers and their connecting shaft of white light.

Now repeat several times Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 above. Finally, see your heart center emitting a powerful radiance, to encompass you in an aura of golden light. It should be preceded by the procedure for Setting apart of the place.

Even from your first experience of practicing this technique, its good effects will stay with you. They will have penetrated to your bodily awareness and to the unconscious levels of your psyche.

With increased practice, as they penetrate more deeply, a greater area of your psyche will be opened to consciousness. Widening the horizon Despite the conventionally accepted norms of possibility, it is a fact that no limits have ever been ascertained for the powers of the psyche at any level of its functioning. Even apart from the spiritual heights, which are inscrutable, the range and power of the mind in its own right - in producing new philosophic and mathematical concepts in response to changed life situations, or in response to the stimulus of new geophysical or astronomical discoveries - is seemingly limitless.

So is the unending adventure of astral experience, and so too is the largely unexplored power, sometimes staggering in its visible effects, of the psyche to inhibit or direct seemingly inevitable reactions of the physical body in sickness or in health. All these manifestations are, however, mere partial indications of the immeasurable intrinsic power of the psyche, a power that is in itself unconditioned, which is greater and more sublime than any of its works perceptible in earthly life.

The usual conditions of daily living are as walls that shut out the vast perspectives spiritually and psychically open to each individual. Practice of the Foundation technique Will help to restore the reality of those perspectives. The sense of power and joy that will follow from this exercise is not an arrificial euphoria. It is the bringing into a degree of awareness, in the interior seclusion of this formulation, of the real vitality and delight that is of the essential nature of your psyche.

Indeed, so many people are hearing of astral projection, learning about it, practicing it these days, that to others it may seem either a modern myth - something they are uncertain whether to believe or not - or a great recent discovery.

To a great number of people, however, the widespread acceptance of the reality of the experience must come as a happy reassurance, confirming the actuality of astral episodes and insights that have taken place in their own lives. And because the subject has been opened up as a legitimate - and wonderfully exciting - topic for thought and discussion, it's 29 30 Chapter 5 noticeable how many people will tell in conversation of out-of-thebody recollections they dared not previously expect others to believe, perhaps dared not even fully accept themselves.

But a new discovery it is not. In every human culture Among those with the inner certainty or the warrant of authority to speak for themselves, the out-of-the-body experience has been known and avowed in all regions of the world and through the centuries, in countless variations.

Shamans, witch-doctors, ascetics, and mystics in every human culture in Asia and Africa, and across the globe from New Zealand and Australia through the Americas, have always declared and demonstrated their ability to leave the physical body at will, so as to oversee or perform certain actions, or to receive further powers from spiritual levels. In a famous passage in the second letter to the Corinthians 2 Corinthians, XII, , the Apostle Paul says: 1 Doubtless it is not fitting for me to glory.

I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.

To look into ancient records - including biblical records - for hints of projection of consciousness can be fascinating but is not very conclusive. Ancient writings, or records made later from word-of-mouth traditions, were in the first place made for people who already knew the story or at least the mode of thought involved.

And ancient languages - as many languages even today - had only a comparatively simple stock of words. So you need to know what is likely to be meant Fact and Fiction 31 literally and what is likely to be a figure of speech or perhaps, in some cases, a taking for granted of something we moderns, with cautious accuracy, would want expressed in detail.

But it seems certain here that Paul who is certainly speaking of himself is relating an experience either of separation of body and soul, or of mystical ekstasis in which his consciousness was literally lifted beyond the confines of his rational perception. The astral body in historical record It is frequently considered that the concept of "the astral body" is of oriental origin, but speculation concerning the astral body and its powers has a long history in western thought and reaches back into classical Greece, to the writings of Plato and Aristotle.

Plotinus, Porphyry, Iamblichus, Proclus, and others great thinkers of the Neo-Platonic tradition, have all added in their turn to the measure of our understanding of the phenomenon. Macrobius, in the late fourth century A.

Consideration of the subject pervades the thought of medieval Europe; and the Hermetic societies of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, aligning their studies with those of the Qabalistic tradition, brought other vital aspects of the tradition of the body of light into the scheme.

In the seventeenth century of our era the scholar Ralph Cudworth included a study of it in his Intellectual System. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the work of western occultists, and of occult societies, added greatly by way of technique and understanding to the depth and range of the study. So we need not look to an oriental source for the body of light and its powers - the great Hindu treatises on the subtle body, for example, representing a parallel research and garnering of knowledge concerning the human psyche - although it should be noted that quite early in its development the doctrine, as set forth by the neo-Platonists, was influenced by the astral mysticism of Babylonia.

William Blake - mentions in his Songs of Innocence a going out through "the door in the crown of the head. Walt Whitman in his poem The Sleepers gives a whole recognizable account of an out-of-the-body experience, although, not surprisingly, with no concern as to the details of achieving that state.

It could just be a work of imagination; but to the reader experienced in astral travel or in accounts of astral travel, The Sleepers has rather too many convincing touches for fantasy. Benson's Necromancers Robert Hugh Benson , the son of an archbishop of Canterbury and who became a priest in the Church of Rome, was a talented novelist.

He evidently researched his subject matter with care, but slanted his writings to purposes of religious propaganda. One of his novels, The Necromancers, belongs, to judge by the costume of the characters, to the later years of the nineteenth century. Its main subject is Spiritualism, and despite the author's manifest bias some of the descriptions of phenomena are very fine, vivid, and undoubtedly based on reality.

The hero of the story, however, his psychic faculties awakened by his growing interest in nonmaterial activity, himself experiences a first outof-the-body trip which, naturally, puzzles him.

Having nobody else he can ask about it, he asks a Spiritualist medium, who can't tell him much except that these things happen. Fact and Fiction 33 Now the author's prejudice comes into play.

The young man in the story asks the fairly usual question, "What if I didn't get back? With intent to frighten Now this, of course, is intended to frighten the reader and to give the idea that psychic endeavor is dangerous. Its reasoning is as trivial as if a person, asking some absurd thing such as, "What if the sky should fall?

The reply in the novel probably did frighten many who were reading it because they were interested in psychic development. It probably influenced other writers, too, since the passage also contains reference to that much-misunderstood bogey, "the Lurker on the Threshold.

The idea is, if you get out of your body, when you want to return you'll encounter some monstrous image, phantom, or feeling of horror which will try to keep you out.

None of the modern books mention this, because they are based on real experience, and nobody ever meets such a monster. The truth, as you'll soon find, is just the opposite: when you first get out of your body, the chief difficulty is to keep yourself from being attracted straight back in!

The real "Lurker" The real "Lurker on the Threshold" is a quite different thing, and is not at all specifically related to astral projection. You may never experience it.

If you have a friend who does, however, you'll need a great combination of sympathy, encouragement, and firm determination to help fight it.

Chapter 5 34 The problem is this. When some people decide to set themselves a program of any kind of inner development, they find themselves met at the beginning by some crushing negative influence. It may be anything from a feeling of horror to a simple inability to get going, or even a recurring doubt as to whether they really want to do it.

Fear of failure is another apparent reason for not beginning. These three factors, in whatever proportions, make up the "Lurker" which would keep us from all progress. Bram Stoker's Dracula First published in , Dracula, Bram Stoker's classic of occult fiction, was written with no purpose but to grip and thrill the reader and, in fact to meet a challenge as to Stoker's ability to write a novel about vampires.

It contains, however, the fruits of extensive research; and although at some points both history and tradition have naturally been bent to the purposes of the storyteller's art, yet much material incidentally introduced is plainly based on real-life facts. The following excerpt is from Lucy Westenra's story of her first encounter with Dracula, when she went from sleepwalking into a deeper trance state in which her consciousness left her body.

She speaks to her friend Mina:. I seem to remember that once the West Light- Fact and Fiction 35 house was right under me, and then there was a sort of agonizing feeling, as if I were in an earthquake, and I came back and found you shaking my body. Part Five, "The Akashic Connection", proceeds into the realm of the theoretical, not for the sake of getting lost in theory, but in order to make sense of things seen and heard. Particularly interesting is Robert's description of the nature and meaning of what he calls the Akashic Pulse.

As to his description and analysis of the astral planes, the silver cord, the etheric body, and the Akashic record — I doubt that these have been equaled anywhere in the subject's extensive modern literature.

I am confident that they have not been excelled.

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Part Six, "Strange Astral Phenomena", takes on a few conundrums that are worth exploring. Projection into higher realms; reality fluctuations; astral noise; what Robert calls astral wildlife, and astral combat And he does it so casually, in so unpretentious a manner, his mood ranging from deepest awe to casually joking, with all the range between.

If you have any interest at all in the subject of astral projection, lucid dreaming — higher consciousness in general — you're going to love this book.This is an essential and distinctive step of this formulation: the willed imagination of your whole self, growing in immensity, upward and outward.

But when we say "God is One," it is to be understood that the "One" is truly an entire world, that is to say an entire universe - perhaps many universes of intense spiritual existence-action, beyond the power of any human mind to comprehend. You may concentrate upon hearing it with your ears because that's the way you are accustomed to hearing things, but in reality you will be hearing it with all the substance of your astral vehicle.

Fuko Ibuki from visual novel Clannad is an astral projection of herself whilst she's in a coma. It was of utmost importance that this work be written to answer students' questions and, furthermore, to assist the seasoned researcher in conducting theoretical studies and practical experiments. On an in-breath, see a flash of golden light rise from your feet center and pass upward into your heart center.

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In the psyche the astral level is one in nature with the astral world. An immense psychological benefit resulting from this expansion is the revelation to your consciousness of the great dignity and power inherent in your total selfhood, irrespective of any limitations or conditioning imposed by the circumstances of mundane life.

Hypnotist and astral practitioner When a hypnotist wishes to detach someone from the turmoil of the discursive intellect, so as to open that person's mind to subsequent suggestions, his or her first act is to throw the subject into a special state of sleep, which nonetheless permits of any speech and action required.