Editorial Reviews. Review. "Remarkable a lively and entertaining study that delivers eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; Length: pages; Word Wise: Enabled; Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled; Page Flip: Enabled. Editorial Reviews. Review. Phillips's topical follow-up to his earlier Lincoln on Leadership begins by describing the nine-year-old Abraham Lincoln at his. Lincoln on Leadership for Today: Abraham Lincoln's Approach to 21st Century Issues. Your Custom Text Lincoln On Leadership eBook .epub).

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Read "Lincoln on Leadership for Today Abraham Lincoln's Approach to Twenty- First-Century Issues" by Donald T. Phillips available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up . Lincoln on leadership: executive strategies for tough times. , Warner Books. in English. Borrow ยท DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled. Nov 25, Download Lincoln on Leadership Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at http:// Download Lincoln on.

If your commanders in the field cant be successful, neither can you or your executive staff. Never forget that your organization does not depend on the life of any one individual. The greatest credit should be given to those in your organization who render the hardest work. Set specific short-term goals that can be focused on with intent and immediacy by subordinates.

Those leaders who achieve something at the head of one group will eclipse those who do nothing at the head of a hundred. Sometimes it is better to plough around obstacles rather than to waste time going through them.

Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. Your war will not be won by strategy alone, but more by hard, desperate fighting. Your task will neither be done nor attempted unless you watch it every day and hour, and force it.

Remember that half-finished work generally proves to be labor lost.

Go out into the field with your leaders, and stand or fall with the battle. If employees gripe about one of your chief supervisors, and the complaints are true, do not be afraid to remove him.

Leadership Lessons of Abraham Lincoln

Give your followers all the support you can, and act on the presumption that they will do he best they can with what you give them. Provide your managers a three-to-five month grace period to see if they will take action and perform adequately.

If they dont perform adequately, ease them out of power gradually, always giving them ample time to turn it around. Beware of subordinates who keep piling up information without ever really accomplishing anything. Coach and counsel a new executive so that he or she may get off on the right foot. Remember, you want him to succeed.

Do not forget that aggressive leaders tend to choose employees in their own image.

Let the thing be pressed. Encourage Innovation When the occasion is piled high with difficulty, rise with it, think anew and act anew.

Dont lose confidence in your people when they fail. Let your subordinates know that you are always glad to have their suggestions. If you never try, youll never succeed. Except in matters of broad policy, encourage subordinates to take action on their own initiative, without waiting for orders.

Remember that the best leaders never stop learning.

Strategies, Advice, and Words of Wisdom on Leadership, Responsibility, and Power

Surround yourself with people who really know their business, and avoid yes men. Be quick and decisive at employing new advances and make every attempt at getting new weapons into your soldiers hands immediately.

Master the Art of Public Speaking Be your organizations best stump-speaker, with droll ways and dry jokes. Extemporaneous speaking is your avenue to the public.

Use a variety of body language when you speak.

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Prepare yourself thoroughly for you public speaking engagements. Never consider anything you write to be finished until published or, if a speech, until you deliver it. Remember that there will be times when you should simply not speak. Say to your listeners: Kindly let me be silent. Try not to make mistakes when you speak publicly.

Everything you say is inherently heard.

If you make a mistake it doesnt merely affect you but the organization as well. You should often couple written documents with verbal discussions, thereby catching the idea with two senses rather than just one. Both you and your subordinates will remember it better, even if you do not understand it better.

Influence People Through Conversation and Storytelling When you meet an individual, try not to part with any unpleasant impression on either side. Speak in simple and familiar strains with people, without any pretension of superiority. Leave people with the feeling that theyve known all their lives. Dont forget that humor is a major component of your ability to persuade people.

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Once your order has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse you will receive an Order Shipped status email. On the way to accomplish his goal, he left a massive mark in the history.

He will always be remembered as the perfect example of how a great president should act. Give, and you will receive back 3. Sometimes some of the best advice may come from the most unexpected person.

This is the reason why he always looked for a public opinion. Give, and you will receive back Lincoln was a man that gave everything to his people. He was there when they needed him the most. He also thought about those poor slaves whose rights were taken away, and he fought against it.

Doing all of this, people recognized the honest man in him and they were there for him too. If you want to have a great country, you have to be a great leader. Honesty matters In life, it is all about how true you are to yourself. Especially, if you wish to climb that mountain of success, and stay there. Actually, at the end, everything is about you. How you would feel if your heart was impure and dishonest.

Like this summary? Click To Tweet He was naturally inquisitive and he learned rapidly, which led him to be extremely innovative. He is, in fact, the only U.

Click To Tweet Lincoln realized that people were a major source of information and that to be a good leader, he had to stay close to them.Be the very embodiment of good temper and affability. About Donald T. Exercise a Strong Hand Be Decisive If you are a good leader, when your work is done, your aim fulfilled, your people will say, We did this ourselves. Never consider anything you write to be finished until published or, if a speech, until you deliver it.

Try not to make mistakes when you speak publicly. It would not hurt you much if, once in a while, you could manage to let things slip, unbeknownst- like. If your subordinates can stand it, so can you.

Lincoln Su Liderazgo (Spanish) (Spa) (Lincoln On Leadership)

Everywhere you go, and every conceivable opportunity, reaffirm, reassert, and remind everyone of the basic principles upon which your organization was founded. When effecting renewal, call on the past, relate it to the present, and then use them both to provide a link o the future. These insights serve as an excellent guide to strategy, tactics and success in the world of business.