As it is known, the book "Layne Staley: Angry Chair — A Look Inside the Heart and Soul of an Incredible Musician" written by Adriana Rubio (Argentinean. Rock Singer Layne Staley was one of the most private, mysterious and The book's goal is to discover Layne's innermost feelings and motivations. Rock Writer. “Layne Staley: Get Born Again” is a revival of the acclaimed “Angry Chair” book. It has been revised and updated with the inclusion of two new chapters.

Layne Staley Book

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Layne Staley book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Rock Singer Layne Staley was one of the most private, mysterious and mi. Layne Staley book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This title is a revival of the acclaimed Layne Staley: Angry Chair. - download Layne Staley, Angry Chair: A Look Inside the Heart & Soul of an Incredible Musician book online at best prices in India on

"Layne Staley: Get Born Again"

But when the band was recording in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots in , Staley would hit the scary streets, desperate to score. For the first time, there were problems with his vocals.

He hadn't yet mastered singing high. Staley created a personal shrine in the recording studio featuring a dead puppy in a jar that he used for inspiration as he crooned lyrics like "Stick your arm for some real fun. Kinney claims he had an alter ego he called Steve who would stand on a chair in an upscale restaurant and pee on the dessert cart or methodically pour beer into the sconces lining a hotel hallway for the pleasure of seeing them explode seconds later.

Meanwhile, Starr, who'd been introduced to heroin by Staley, drank a bottle of bleach used for cleaning syringes, thinking it was water. He ended up in the hospital. In , when the band was touring in support of "Dirt," Staley would walk offstage midsong to get high.

Band manager Susan Silver told Staley that he had to be the one to break it to ticket downloaders that the concert was going to end midperformance because he was too screwed up to carry on.

Courtney Love tried to chase him down following Cobain's death. She wasn't happy with the suicide ruling and wondered what more there might be to the story. Since both Staley and Cobain were smackheads and ran with the same musicians, the assumption was he might know something.

What's not known is if they finally connected. Courtney Love, center, tried to chase down Staley following the death of Kurt Cobain r. He was traveling with a bodyguard hired specifically to keep his drug use in check, but after the show he overdosed. Hide the drugs! They broke up, in part because she couldn't accept his relentless womanizing.

Layne Staley Coloring Book

By the end, she was living with an older man who bizarrely drove her around unconscious for several hours before getting help. She died in the hospital late in By , Staley already seemed on last legs. He showed up in the recording studio toothless, emaciated and looking like an year-old man. Producer Dave Jerden watched as Staley disintegrated after a dressing-down from Cantrell: "Layne, who had such a strong personality, had completely turned into this nothing.

Mainly, he holed up in his apartment, gaming, playing with his cat and doing drugs.

15 Things You May Not Know About Layne Staley

Starr was likely the last one to see him alive. On April 4, , Starr, high on benzodiazepine, offered to call Staley erupted, then yelled at him whenever he tried to take more pills.

Finally, Starr left angry. The autopsy later revealed that the next day Staley plunged a speedball into his vein. Days passed before his accountant sent up an alert that Staley hadn't been withdrawing any money. Argentinean writer Adriana Rubio barely even cracks a small window into his life. Essentially, the book is nothing more than one fan's viewpoint on the tortured existence of Staley, and how he affected her life, his words and music getting her through a battle with bulimia.

Separating itself from the pack of disposable quick books that endlessly come out on any artist of note, flash in the pan, living or dead, it is the depths to which Rubio went to gather a greater understanding of what made Staley tick that makes Angry Chair particularly interesting.

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Gaining close confidence with Nancy McCallum and Liz Elmer, Staley's mother and sister respectively, it is through their stories that Rubio paints a picture of the grunge icon's youth. These interviews reveal little other than familial speculation, which, in all fairness, was as close to Staley as anyone had come in recent years.

Rubio not only gives him undeserved credence and space, she goes as far as to reprint six songs that he penned for and about various members of AIC and their family members.

In one passage, Brandon comes off nothing short of a stalker, discussing how he pictured Staley and guitarist Jerry Cantrell trading vocals on one of his songs. That Brandon's book is from the same small publisher that produced Rubio's should not be discounted.

The book is nothing more than one fan's viewpoint on the tortured existence of Staley.

Angry Chair does contain items of worth, notably many of Staley's early drawings, letters to his mother while on tour, previously unseen artwork, handwritten lyrics and photos from his childhood. Articles such as an undated Staley resume "Personal Strengths: I am hard working, honest and get along well with people" and the four--page program from his memorial are absolutely priceless. Yet, the fact that most of the images look as if they were reproduced by a low-grade photocopier leave the paperback almost like a ghetto version of the critically acclaimed Journals by Kurt Cobain.

Most riveting -- but ultimately disappointing -- is the highly touted "final interview" with Staley himself.On April 4, , Starr, high on benzodiazepine, offered to call I changed my number.

The then year-old singer was wary, but he still hoped seeing his dad again would help fill the hole in his heart. Essentially, the book is nothing more than one fan's viewpoint on the tortured existence of Staley, and how he affected her life, his words and music getting her through a battle with bulimia.

I would not recommend it to any hard core Staley fan. To their shock and dismay, the two addicts discovered there was almost an excess of cocaine to be had in Brazil but no smack.

Editors' Picks. I wanted to know more about his drug addictions and what drove him to I am such a huge fan of Layne Staley and his band Alice In Chains. At that point, Staley had already been to rehab after an intervention.

Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early s.