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download the eBook If You Dare, The MacCarrick Brothers: Book 1 by Kresley Cole online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from. If You Deceive, EPUB eBook. If You Deceive EPUB. by Kresley Cole At last, Ethan will have the revenge he's craved; he'll promise her. If You Deceive (EPUB ebook) In the first of the Dark Heart Series, Kresley Cole takes readers on a journey through the Scottish Highlands with IF YOU DARE is the first book in a new trilogy from featuring the three MacCarrick brothers.

There wasn't a slow moment in the whole book. It didn't have a lot of outside stuff going on, no lame spy plot or silly ton stuff. Just a good solid relationship story as Ethan learned to love and Maddy learned to trust. Nice feel for the times and nice details of the slums etc.

Beautiful love story with some wonderful quotes. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. High Wonderful angsty story. Highly recommended for historical romance readers.

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Jan 24, Sophia Jones rated it it was amazing. I've read a lot of romance novels in my day, and from a wide variety of sub-genres. Futuristic Sci-Fi. From Jane Austen to Danielle Steel, been there, read that. But this one, this one's my favorite. The first two were good. All of Ms. Cole's books are good. But this one is special. The I've read a lot of romance novels in my day, and from a wide variety of sub-genres.

The premise of the series is a familial curse cast upon three smokin' hot Scottish brothers. They can never fall in love, because if they do, their women would die. Of course, by book three it's obvious a 'Happy Ever After' is possible, so the third tale doesn't spend much time on the curse. In fact, you could read it as a stand-alone and not feel lost.

I'm not encouraging that, but it's possible. What Ms. Cole does in the final book of the series is deliver two of the most compelling characters I've ever read, in a romance novel or otherwise. Ethan MacCarrick is the eldest of the three brothers, and the most scarred, emotionally and physically. A deep gash runs across his face, marring his masculine perfection.

He's unapproachable, cold. Even hateful. Ethan MacCarrick is an asshole. Sure, there was a traumatic event in his past, a very traumatic event, but that's not the reason for all of his woes or his personality disorder.

Even before that he was a bit of a jackass. Born into privilege, he spent his youth in self-absorbed pursuits often involving married women, and one such affair led to his tragedy.

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Pretty much his own fault, though he pays a steep price. Madeleine van Rowen was also born into a wealthy family, but a chain of events-- a chain in which Ethan is one link-- leads her to spend her formative years orphaned on the streets of Paris. Now she is a Survivor. And okay, an opportunist and a pickpocket. She's beautiful, knows it, and is willing to marry for money.

Ethan has money. But he also has hidden motives in his interest in her. Reading this story is like experiencing a cleansing rain.

Hurt, bitterness, and revenge morph into hope and joy. Love unfurls. I won't reveal more. But I promise you, the tale of these two imperfect characters, perfect for each other, will lodge itself in your heart and never let go. I reread it at least once a year. View all 5 comments. Apr 15, Katie babs rated it liked it. This final book in the MacCarrick Brothers' Trilogy features the most tortured hero of the three brothers. Ethan feels because of the scar on his face, no woman would want to love him let alone marry him.

He is a loner and has no zest for life. And the fact that his family is cursed also makes his life very unsettling. But when he meets his heroine Madeline, his heart thaws and he finds a reason to live. All it takes is one look across a crowded room and Ethan has lost his heart. Madeline is one This final book in the MacCarrick Brothers' Trilogy features the most tortured hero of the three brothers.

Madeline is one heroine that is strong willed and tries to make the best out of her life. What she doesn't realize is Ethan is responsible for her parent's downfall because of her mother's lying ways. But when Ethan and she meet during a masked ball yes, another lovely typical scene from any historical romance they are so hot together that there is no going back. Kresley Cole had written one hot and passionate book. Even though Ethan comes across as tortured, he is so unsettled by Madeline who gives as good as he does.

It is a real joy to see these go at it. They insult each other every chance they get and Madeline won't allow him into her heart until she can trust him.

These two lead the reader on a merry adventure with undertones of despair and lying that doesn't let up till the very end.

Madeline is very witty and one woman you would want to have at your back during a fight. Ethan is her equal in everyway. And he has this lovely Scottish accent that is also intriguing. Passion and erotic love scenes are throughout this novel and they are scorching.

But overall this story is simply about trust and letting go of deception and finding the right person to spend your life with. By the end you are routing for Ethan and Madeline so they both can become worthy of each other.

Another excellent historical romance from Cole. Me encanta como maneja las situaciones. View 1 comment.

Dec 05, Azet rated it it was amazing Shelves: A man who believed himself to be a man whose heart would never get stolen finds himself trashed on his knees by the most brave and spirited woman of all,Madeleine van Rowen I never once put this book down since i opened it,and finished reading it after two hours. Now i know that this "If You Deceive" is the third and last book in the "MacCarrick Brothers"-trilogy about the oldest of the brothers,the most dangerous and brooding warrior,the blackhearted Ethan MacCarrick.

Now i know that this series will stay true to my heart forever like never before. Yeah,damn how i love this book. The curse no longer takes a huge part into the story as the other two brothers have found their happiness with their woman. What they thought was a curse was never about them hurting the ones they love,but it was a blessing in the told way that they would find their soulmates. That is what the brothers never expected.

Fate is a peculiar thing,and it made Ethan glance at Maddy,and instantly get captured,how i love it! After his deadly mission he sets out to get her,as his mistress.

But fate takes another punch on him when he gets to know that she is the daugter of the man who let him get tortured and scarred at his face,and the daughter of the woman whose fault everything was. Being a pickpocket thief and survivor from the poor slums of Paris,i found Maddie hell of a exciting heroine. Life had done her no good ever since she lost her father as a child,and she have never given up since then. I love the way she never let herself be intimidated by Ethan,and always answered back with witty comebacks that even made Ethan grin and he who NEVER smiles and yes,also sometimes made him frustrated with rage,haha!

He never could keep up with her! He longed and craved for her affection,caring,desire and love. Damn the consequences,damn the world but he loves her.

That was a strength to his character i came to admire. The most fearless and brutal man in other peoples eyes,he teased Maddie,pleasured her,clung himself to her,adored her,spoiled her,protected her.

They both accepted everything about each other,and loved each other for that. The angst are very high and the last pages made me very emotional.

The romantic quotes from Ethan made my heart burn and i have actually forgotten how many times i have sighed with a dreamy look on my face. Now i have finished this trilogy, and i am so in love with all of the MacCarrick brothers!

Sep 25, Jane Stewart rated it really liked it Shelves: Good historical romance novel. I enjoyed it. A nice escape. Ethan was a handsome rake having affairs with married women. Although he never slept with her, Sylvie lied to her husband saying Ethan raped her. Ethan was wealthy and got his revenge by bankrupting the husband who killed himself.

Sylvie and her daughter were forced out of their home and went to live in the slums of Paris. Women are repulsed by Ethan Good historical romance novel. He is celibate for most of the next ten years.

He sees Maddie and is unexpectedly attracted to her. She is drawn to him as well. They have an encounter and a misunderstanding. She is insulted and returns to Paris. Ethan then learns she is the daughter of Sylvie. He wants to continue his revenge, hurting Maddie and Sylvie, so he travels to Paris.

Maddie has been living in the slums, an orphan since age She survives by selling cigarettes, waitressing and stealing. Characters and events were interesting. There were none of my pet peeves. When they were on a ship, he told her to entertain herself during the days and not be underfoot. She said right, be overfoot. Then she did what he asked. She made friends and was happily occupied during the days. He got what he said he wanted, but he ended up not liking her being gone.

Aside from his scar, Ethan has a powerful body, a seductive smile, and gorgeous eyes. He is a brooding alpha male. This is the third book in the series. I found this fine as a stand alone book. Story length: Swearing language: Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: So many people have reviewed this, so I won't say much.

This grabbed me and sucked me in from the prologue. I was up until 2am to finish. If you are a fan of the vengeful hero genre, then you should love this book. It's fast moving, engaging, witty, and sometimes very sad. This is my first book by this author, who I understand writes mostly PNR.

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The characters were fascinating. The heroine was strong without being obnoxious So many people have reviewed this, so I won't say much. The heroine was strong without being obnoxious or "foot stompy". The hero was a serious bad ass and sexy as hell, but also a complete selfish ass until Maddie came along. Yeah there were some unlikely parts like the beautiful young h managing to hold on to her virginity while living in one of the worst slum in Paris from the time she was However, I don't expect or really want realism of that grim sort.

You already learn enough about the poverty and desperation of Maddie's environment without adding rape or the trauma of having to sell herself to it. View all 7 comments. Jul 06, Avid Booker rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I'm unsure on how to feel about this one.

I didn't hate it but I didn't like it that much either. As the story continued I liked the characters a little more, but the plot was still ahn. And our heroine was ahn too. The hero wasn't any better but it was kinda weird. I didn't fux with this plot tbh.

The hero, Ethan, he was about to sleep with the heroine's mother but decided not to. But it was too late the heroine's father caught them in t I'm unsure on how to feel about this one. But it was too late the heroine's father caught them in the house together and the mother screamed rape.

The heroine's father then proceeded to have Ethan scarred for life. So Ethan decided to get revenge. Okay if that wasn't weird to you, the part that weirds me out is the age thing. Like I know its not unusual for a 33 year old to be with a 21 year old in this time, for some reason because they talked about it so much, it bothered me and seemed weird. Prob because of the whole mom thing.

Other than deciding not to tell the heroine of this situation, he was a pretty well rounded hero. A little demanding though. The heroine, Maddy, she was a thief, street child, and she lived in dirty at the time Paris. She and her friends decided to go looking for adventure when she was spotted by Ethan. She stole everything in sight it seems like. And I don't know why but I didn't have a connection for her character at all. I do agree with her that she couldn't trust Ethan.

She called him Scot so many times, that if I hadn't been reading this book in a day I probably would have thought that was his name. I thought I would skim through most of it, but I didn't. For the most part I read it all.

But there were a few chapters I skipped. I personally didn't really enjoy this. I felt compelled to like the hero a couple of times because some things were too damn cute. But for the most part no.

Oh and Courtland, the hero's brother, was adorable as hell! Quin's eyes widened, and he lunged at Ethan, throwing a punch.

Ethan caught his fist, crushing it with his hand. My patience wears thin. So when a criminal mistakes my woman for a whore, I can kill him. Why couldn't she suddenly have bigger breasts?

She squeezed her eyes close, mortified. Softly kneading her flesh, he grated, "No bigger than a teacup. Die immediately.

He dropped his hand to palm her bottom, and low masculine sounds broke from his chest. If I'm to be our moral guid, we're both hellbound, lass. You think I will no' follow? Oh, Ethan. Nov 04, Aoi rated it really liked it Shelves: Madeline van Rowen has had the most horrible childhood you can ever imagine, yet she goes on ahead, striving hard to make tomorrow better. She's no wilting flower, and she gives back as good as she gets. For the first time, I'm not afraid for the heroine when the hero goes after her with a sinister intent.

And Ethan!

But, I could somehow understand his bitterness and anger blinding him to all that stan Madeline van Rowen has had the most horrible childhood you can ever imagine, yet she goes on ahead, striving hard to make tomorrow better.

But, I could somehow understand his bitterness and anger blinding him to all that stands in way of his revenge, not sparing a thought for the future of a young girl.

The guilt when all was revealed nearly ripped him apart, and he spent each day fearing that Madeline would somehow find out. His transformation when he begins to fall for her, so organically show, is what made me love this book. Feb 10, Shyann rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh so many feels. I haven't had a good cry from a book in a while but this one had me bawling like a baby.

Definitely a genre fave I'm kicking myself for not reading it as soon as it came in. I think I've read almost 20 Kresley Cole books and this one is definitely in my top 5, maybe even 3 favorites.

Since I love about everything she writes that's really saying something.

I already knew I was going to love it because of Ethan and I loved it so much more because of Maddy. This might be a different genre then IAD but the characters are the same. You root for them to get past their demons you laugh with them, you cry with them and you wish they were real so you can be friends.

Nov 16, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: What a great book! KC is a NTM author and obviously it won't be my last. I picked this up on a whim after seeing some of the reviews of it on here. Man am I glad that I did. Ethan MacCarrick is tied up in a barn about to pay for a crime that he didn't commit. As the horrible deed is done he begs fate to help him.

But fate seems to have left him bereft and ignored his pleas. Now he is a scarred man out of revenge. Maddie is now at the point in her life that she must find somebody willing to marry What a great book! Maddie is now at the point in her life that she must find somebody willing to marry her or face a possible life of prostitution. She is hungry and tired of staying one step ahead of the grasping hands and pinching fingers that she has endured these last 10 years.

So she begs fate to help her out. But fate seems to have abandoned her as she outright ask one man to marry her and is denied. Instead she ends up in a carriage with Ethan in a twist of fate Maddie's family had unknowingly been feeling Ethan's wrath for the last 10 years and the revenge had left Maddie destitute at a very young age because of his actions.

Now that he knows who she is and what he did, can she forgive him enough to love him, despite what his sins are? Because now she has his heart she now has the ability to destroy him and his heart forever. This was a well written beauty and the beast story and I loved that it had equal parts fun and equal parts serious about it.

Maddie was all light no matter how dark it got for her. Ethan was all dark and even after his revenge he desperately needed Maddie to bring him into the light.

The love scenes were well done and sexy. I can't wait to get my hands on my next Kresley Cole. Jun 11, Cristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Out of the three brothers, I thought Court was my favorite but I was wrong.

Oh Ethan, you stubborn man. How I loved his book. While I didn't warm up to Maddie immediately, I honestly did end up liking her.

I think she was a great match for our hero. And that Epilogue? Just how I like 'em. Can we now get a book on the kids all grown up? Would love more of them. May 11, Poisonic added it Shelves: H was going to cheat with h's mom but changes his mind. Then he tried to cheat again with 2 maids.

Nov 29, Funmbi rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. And this book does not disappoint! Across three countries, we go on a journey filled with drama, secrecy, perseverance, forgiveness, and love.

I give this story a very enthusiastic 4. We begin with a flashback to 23 year old Ethan, who is a notorious rake.

He is set to have an affair with a married woman named Sylvie Van Rowen. As Ethan is leaving, Sylvie's husband bursts in.

She claims Ethan attempted to rape her, and in retaliation, Van Rowen has Ethan's face sliced as punishment. Seeking revenge Ethan bankrupts the Van Rowen family, and Sylvie and her daughter are forced to move to France.

We then flash forward to the beginning of book 2, but this time, in Ethan's POV. Immediately sensing a kindred spirit, Ethan pursues this woman. At first sight, Ethan feels an "inexplicable sense of urgency to join her--to get her. Since the time she was forced out of her family home, Maddy lives by herself in a Parisian slum.

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She is in London to find a husband, yet "at twenty one years of age, Maddy had seen it all. And he plans to use their daughter to do so. But as Ethan gets to know Maddy, the initial attraction starts to evolve into something more. Will these two be able to overcome various obstacles to find true love? From the first meeting, the attraction ooooooozes from the page: But are you the man I await Where I ache?

But Ethan is a stubborn man, and is hell bent on being a cad. For example, Their first time She's a virgin, but he wrongly assumes she's experienced.

If You Deceive

And even though, Ethan regrets hurting Maddy, he is still horrid to her: I could not care less if you're ruined now. But it's weird Ethan expressly says he won't be trapped into marrying Maddy, but then he forbids her to marry anyone else She has such fortitude and determination. She just survives! Over and over again, life--sometimes directed by Ethan--has tried to beat Maddy down, but she just gets right back up! When Ethan comes for Maddy in Paris, he has a plan to ruin her, but even without trying, she turns him around.

Maddy is so good for Ethan! She doesn't let him take himself too seriously. She isn't afraid of him; she stands up to him. Maddy gives Ethan the opportunity to be vulnerable and show kindness. A few favorite moments: I'll teach you to trust me again and we can bring each other pleasure. But, when Maddy expresses that she wants to sleep alone, he refuses to let her sleep anywhere but with him!

LOL, and he spoons her! Ethan is so protective of Maddy Like when Maddy sees the loan shark in the street, Ethan has the boutique closed so they can shop in private without Maddy having to fear the loan shark will spot her. Then he promises to settle Maddy's debt: I love that Maddy knows her worth. She won't be bullied or abused, even by Ethan: download me the clothes or not, but don't expect sex in return.

And don't confuse my desire for you--and for self preservation--with desperation. So if you want to see a man lose his mind, you'll come to me and let me touch you more. If you don't want my hands on you again, then come touch me. The experience was mind boggling. She worked his flesh lovingly, yet wantonly, mystifying him. Ethan comforting Maddy from a nightmare: You should You need to stop crying. Well, you certainly dated yourself there, didn't you?

Sometimes I forget how old you are. What's your age anyway? Thirty seven? Thirty eight? The regret was riding him hard, and having never wrestled with that emotion before, he had no idea what to do with it. Khyki Rezkhyi pinned post 21 Jan at 2: Brandi Brown Jun 22, at 3: Kresley Cole. Brandi Brown Jun 20, at Untouchable 8 IAD part 1 of 1. Lothaire 12 IAD part 1 of 2. Lothaire 12 IAD part 2 of 2.

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From the first meeting, the attraction ooooooozes from the page: I have a softness for strong, ste Heartbreakingly brilliant! Ethan MacCarrick was a heartbreakingly handsome rake until a powerful nobleman ordered him brutally beaten and his face scarred for a crime he didn't commit.

Before becoming a writer, Cole was a world-ranked athlete, coach, and graduate student. They live on the periphery of society, without homes, families-or expectations of anything more.

Born into privilege, he spent his youth in self-absorbed pursuits often involving married women, and one such affair led to his tragedy.

I never once put this book down since i opened it,and finished reading it after two hours. Jun 26, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Get the ePlatform app for iOS or Android.