THIS SUMMARY IN WORD CAN BE DOWNLOADED WITH PDF or later Hugh Harleston, Jr., , SAN DIEGO, CA. [e-mail. RESEARCH SUMMARY: by Hugh Harleston, Jr. > SECTION V: <. Was 9! the Mathematical Base of Mexico's Great Pyramids?. Hugh Harleston, Jr ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this Research Summary be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means graphic, electronic.

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by Hugh Harleston, Jr. – © - version pdf. ans unified space and time in whole numbers. They synthesized planetary movements with dimensions at. by Hugh Harleston, Jr. On the first day of August, 58 years after my first visit to the Teotihuacan Valley, I was allowed to find a an milestone, a marker on the. HUGH HARLESTON PDF - Hugh Harleston Jr. is the author of El zodiaco a. Su horóscopo y características psíquicas (avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews.

Zero Sept. May 21, 1, A. May 11, 1, A. See P. Calderon, Mexico is: , days after zero on the Julian calendar Nov. See footnote, p Ending of the present Oxlahkatun is Eight Katuns after the last of Saturns: May 11, Special ceremonies may have been carried out on the day of zenital crossing near Latitude 17 -North. Mayans probably kept secret the real reason for their festivals, but not the magnitude of the event. Historians are invited to verify this theory.

Multiplied by one hundred equals , days, equal to 21 Katuns. All counts of corresponding Jupiter orbits as well as extra days added to correct each count are functions of , the orbit of Saturn, integral multiples of 6 x 7 x 9.

On this date Mercury was at inferior conjunction, crossing the sun. Mayans are older. N Jupiter at Superior Conjunction, behind the sun. N Mercury at Inferior Conjunction, crossing the sun. N Full moon. Multiplied by one hundred, 13, gives 1,, days in Katunes half of to reach 3, Saturns, the Long Count: , corresponding to June 11th, A. The abandonment of Teotihuacan is believed to be ca.

Others theorize that there was no external invasion, only internal problems and that survivors continued on the outskirts of the Pyramidal Zone until late in the 8 th century. N Registered at Edzna 1, A. N The lag times in days of Jupiter behind Saturn are the same as the number of Katuns for multiples of , days. The series is: 21, 42, 63, Jupiter s orbit is 21 X All Long Counts here are multiples of 1, 4 x 6 x 7 x 9. Ten Arks enclose 1, circlings of the Zodiac by Jupiter: 3 X Calderon All counts match the solar positions.

Mayan counts appear encoded as geometrical presentations: circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ellipses see Fig. Values given are redundant. A universal message is the only cube sides of 6 whose volume and area are the same number: A second universal message: a tetrahedron of height 12 whose volume and area are times the square root of 3. A third message: a universal circle of radius 60 units with circumference of 6 times 7 times 9.

Mayans calculated and marked kilometric distances great circle. They could have seen the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and three rings of light around a sphere: the M31 Galaxy in Andromeda. D to reinstate 13 Katuns 93, days. Mayans handled multiples of ten one hundred, one thousand, one million 18 Teotihuacan is a Mayan chronological map of the solar system in the form of a Numerical Ark. Corrections for the latter were identified in the Dresden Codex Harleston, The series of thirteen 54 s defines Teotihuacan dimensions see.

Official dating estimates are 8, to 9, B. Hammond, Similar information can be found around the globe when differing measures are equalized by a Space-Time-Unifier: the Standard Teotihuacan Unit, m.

Teotihuacan, a cathedral of cosmic counts, is a Mayan bridge beyond time, giving us a new comprehension of multidimensionals. It is the finest example in the Americas of sacred landscape.

Sacred means to consecrate religiously, reconnect with our origin, become aware of objective reality, objective truth, objective consciousness: the mathematical relationships of the cosmos.

Epigraphers still have a long row to hoe when it is realized that Mayan glyphs also enclose a series of Numerical Arks, cosmic counts encoded as circles, circular arcs, rectangles, squares, triangles and ellipses. Evidence of this remains today. If it can be discovered and correctly interpreted, previous knowledge might be regained, then corrected for the passage of time to today's conditions.

In each case copies were printed and also distributed to professionals in the fields of Archaeology and Ethnology, as well as to technically prepared individuals and some thirty libraries in U. Orion, Mexico, D. Clarifying the Mayan Zodiac.

Editora de Revistas, S. Baker, III. XLI Congreso Int l. MSS for 3 rd Int l. Conference on Archaeoastronomy, Univ. Andrews, Scotland, publ. Veracruzana, La Palabra y el Hombre, Oct.

XLI Intl. XLII Intl. XLII Int l.


Research Summary No. Character Composition, Bellaire, Tx, pp. Diana, Mexico, D. See Append. I, Conclusions, p.

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Autumn Press, Brookline, Mass. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. Wizards Book- A. Calderon, Mexico, D. La Formula Lunar de los Mayas, 4 pp.


El Altar 1 de Naranjo, 10 pp. Placa del Altar 1 de Naranjo, 6 pp. La Formula Lunar de Naranjo, 3 pp.

Los Mayas No Inventaron el Cero, 2 pp. Por Una Luna, 7 pp.

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La Tabla de Mercurio, 9 pp. Tabla de Venus, 6 pp. Significado de T de Thompson, 4 pp. Nuestro Absurdo Calendario Cristiano, 9 pp. Texto de la Lapida de Palenque, 27 pp.

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Fechas de la Cruz de Palenque, 32 pp. Las Fechas Cascabel, 17 pp. Mayas y Toltecas, 10 pp. Jupiter y Saturno, 8 pp. Glifo del Cacao, 3 pp.

Glifo y Nombre Maya de Mercurio, 10 pp. For details please see: But, Mayans are now believed to have begun in at least 8, B. El zodiaco maya.

Be the first to ask a question about El zodiaco maya. Jim Allen, 16 June email webatlantis hotmail. Eroded figures were deduced by Calderon.

For instance, The Ein Sof tree begins with three roots. Aur is also the birthplace of Abraham. After 1, days the tables repeat. Avenue of the Dead width is feet which is cubits or 96 Egyptian royal cubits or 48 hunabs where the hunab was 2 x Egyptian Royal Cubits.

Both the above distances can be more readily understood as and Sumerian feet respectively. Avenue of the Dead satellite view. That is, is a length of the flooded avenue exactly where 72 is the width. Therefore, the of Aur complements or expounds upon the of Ein Sof. Though this is a stretch in the research, an investigation into the use of Gematria or word-number associations from Hebrew Kabbalah has been made. Eroded figures were deduced by Calderon.

This research has added another possibility. Graciela marked it as to-read Apr 04, After 1, days the tables repeat. Be the first to ask a question about El zodiaco maya.

With the Uac-Kan, Hugh Harleston organized searches for precalculated sites with 37 finds.We learned that Mayans registered numbers of cosmic signi- ficance. A Halach is a person that sees outside and inside simultaneously, and cannot tell a lie. The Parthenon, however, was designed with Pythagorean Diatonic Units, an independent system not found in America, to my knowledge.

Information was received that in the s excavations had revealed a precolumbian concrete floor surrounding the No. National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.

Why does a Mayan sacred book the Popol-Vuh speak of boys?