The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller novel by British author Paula Hawkins that Many reviews referred to the book as "the next Gone Girl", referring to a popular psychological mystery with similar themes that used. The Girl on the Train book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alternate cover edition of ISBN Rachel ca. As World War II draws to a close, Jakób fights with the Polish resistance against the crushing forces of Germany and Russia. They intend to destroy a German troop transport, but Gretl’s unscheduled train reaches the bomb first. Irma Joubert delivers a moving and compelling WWII.

The Girl On The Train Book

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The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins - UK Hardcover “[L]ike Gone Girl, Hawkins's book is a highly addictive novel about a lonely divorcee who gets caught. Her first thriller, The Girl on the Train, has been a global phenomenon, selling almost 20 million copies worldwide. Published in over forty languages, it has been. The Girl on the Train (Movie Tie-In) [Paula Hawkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Book.

The film rights were acquired before the book was even published, in , by DreamWorks Pictures for Marc Platt Productions. The story is a first-person narrative told from the point of view of three women: Rachel, Anna, and Megan.

Rachel Watson is a year-old alcoholic, reeling from the end of her marriage to Tom, who left her for another woman, Anna Watson. Rachel's drinking has caused her to lose her job; she frequently binges and has blackouts.

While drunk, she often harasses Tom, though she has little or no memory of these acts once she sobers up. Tom is now married to Anna and has a daughter with her, Evie — a situation that fuels Rachel's self-destructive tendencies, as it was her inability to conceive a child that began her spiral into alcoholism.

Rachel follows her old routine of taking the train to London everyday; her train slowly passes her old house, where Tom, Anna, and Evie now live. She also begins watching from the train an attractive couple who live a few houses away from Tom.

She idealises their life christening them "Jason" and "Jess" , though she has no idea that their life is far from perfect.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins review – a skilful memory-loss thriller

The wife of the couple, Megan Hipwell "Jess" , has a troubled past. She finds her life boring, and escapes from her troubles by taking a series of lovers. Megan has sought help by seeing a therapist, Dr. Kamal Abdic.

BOOK REVIEW: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Eventually, she reveals to him a dark secret she has never confided to anyone before. Anna is young, beautiful, in love with Tom, and happy as a stay-at-home mother to the young Evie. While at first she enjoyed the idea of showing off to Rachel that Tom picked her over Rachel, she eventually becomes furious at Rachel's harassment of her family.

One day, Rachel is stunned to see Megan kissing another man. The next day, after heavy drinking, Rachel awakens to find herself bloody and injured, with no memories of the night before. She learns that Megan is missing, and is questioned by the police after Anna reports having seen her drunkenly staggering around the night of Megan's disappearance.

Rachel becomes interested in the case and tells the police she thinks Megan was having an affair. She then contacts Megan's husband, Scott "Jason" and tells him as well, lying that she and Megan were friends. Rachel learns that the man she saw kissing Megan was Kamal. Rachel contacts Kamal, lying about her identity to get close to him and learn more about him.

She makes a therapy appointment with him to see if he can help her recall the events that happened during her blackout that night. While Kamal suspects nothing, Rachel begins to gain insight into her life by speaking with him, inadvertently benefiting from the therapy.

Her connections to Scott and Kamal, though built on lies, make her feel more important. She ends up not drinking for several days at a time but always relapses. Meanwhile, she continues to call, visit, and harass Tom.

Megan's body is found; she is revealed to have been pregnant, and her unborn child was fathered by neither Scott nor Kamal. As Scott discovers Rachel's lies and lashes out at her, her memories become clearer. Rachel remembers seeing Megan get into Tom's car.

Anna discovers that Tom and Megan were having an affair. Rachel begins trusting her own memories more, and realises that many of the crazy things Tom told her she did while drunk never really happened.

He had been gaslighting her for years, which made her question her sanity. Armed with this sad realisation, and the knowledge that he must have been the one who killed Megan, Rachel warns Anna.

Welcoming the Dark Twist in Her Career

When Anna confronts him, Tom confesses to murdering Megan after she threatened to reveal that he had gotten her pregnant. The fun starts here. Unable to look at number 23, her old home, where ex-husband Tom now lives with new wife Anna, she focuses instead on number She has become obsessed with the beautiful young couple living there, whom she names Jess and Jason.

Rachel looks out for the pair every day, daydreaming about their perfect lives. But Rachel is prone to blackouts, irrationality and drunk dialling, and the police dismiss her as a rubbernecker.

Book Review

She has also been persecuting Tom and Anna, bombarding them with offensive messages. Even the most cleverly plotted thrillers don't work without compelling characters, but the people we meet in The Girl on the Train are drawn beautifully.

The point of view alternates among three characters: Rachel is a wreck. She seeks solace in gin and wine, ignoring her roommate's pleas to get help. She turned to alcohol after she and Tom were unable to conceive a child via in vitro fertilization: Nobody warned me it would break us.

But it did. Or rather, it broke me, and then I broke us.

Megan's sections flash back in time to before her disappearance. She's manic and voluble, but hasn't quite come to terms with two extremely tragic events in her past. Anna, meanwhile, just wants a quiet, picket-fence kind of existence with Tom and their child. She's grown to hate Rachel, who's having a hard time leaving their family alone, calling Tom frequently during her numerous drunken spells.

Alternating points of view is a tricky prospect; it can easily come off as unnecessary or gimmicky.

The Girl on the Train

But Hawkins uses the technique masterfully, giving just enough away each chapter. None of the revelations in The Girl on the Train are tidy, and the picture gets much murkier before the mystery is resolved.

Much of the complexity of the novel is due to Rachel, an exceptionally unreliable narrator with a tendency to pass out drunk, forgetting everything that happened the day before.Tehran Times. First though I want to give the rating of my lovely galpals when I polled them afterwards over omelettes!! Paula Hawkins. The couple, whose real names are Megan and Scott, live a few houses away from the one Rachel used to occupy, before her alcoholism poisoned her relationship.

Many reviews referred to the book as "the next Gone Girl ", referring to a popular psychological mystery with similar themes that used unreliable narrators. But it quickly turned into this messy, melodramatic story that was neither surprising, or original. A few places away from her former home there is a couple she sees most days.

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