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Handpicked by Robert the Bruce to help him in his quest to free Scotland from English rule, the elite warriors of the Highland Guard face their. The Chief. Highland Guard (Series). Book 1. Monica McCarty Author Ian MacKenzie Robert Narrator (). cover image of The Chief. New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty has established herself as a The Chief, The Hawk, The Ranger, The Viper, The Saint, The Recruit, The.

Most of this book is about Christina adjusting to Skye and figuring out what marriage to Tor means. The external conflict comes in the form of the very real danger they both face. Tor has to fight against raiders, and the possibility that one of his own men is a traitor. If you like historical where the hero and heroine have to figure out how to operate a marriage, this is it. Christina and Tor have the smexing part down Mmmm boobies. She fantasizes about a chivalrous knight, not really understanding the violence and brutality that come with being a warrior.

He has sex with her, then sleeps with his men in the great hall as in actual sleeping, not sexxoring. But Tor has a shitload of responsibility. And then there are the Old Skooly subplots.

And fevers. I was sad when the story ended here, because I had finally stopped hating it. Will probably read the next in the series For now I can't help but feel Tor's junk is pointing me in a different direction. Mar 18, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. Monica sure knows how to write a great story with steamy love scenes and a to die for hero. I'm looking fowards to the next book in this series.

Jun 18, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: I really like this book. It's sort of a classic story of woman loves man, man is too manly and warrior-like for her, doesn't know how to love.

They have a great bedroom relationship, though. But the characters were likeable, and the guys are yummy.

The author fully admits to having some sketchy historical facts throughout the book, but I think it's great that she really did some research on Scotland's history and tried to incorporate some real people and events.

It's sort of her version of how t I really like this book. It's sort of her version of how things may have happened. One thing, though, is that I didn't realize that this series is the continuation of her first two series, and I'm not sure how much knowing the background information would have furthered my understanding of this series.

Feb 15, Lana rated it liked it. Highlander and historical - these two words always got me I was expecting something easy to read without too much past, but this was too much for me!

I'll read the next book because I want to know if something would be different and I have nothing more to say Nov 25, ivana18 rated it liked it Shelves: I don't really know what to say about this one.

I guess I'm a little baffled because I didn't expect such a detailed history lesson, but basically that's what I feel I got from this book.

Oh, and a detailed ish instructions about how to train a highlander special ops team, aka. You see he's an Islander and up until a few decades ago the Is I don't really know what to say about this one. You see he's an Islander and up until a few decades ago the Islands where independent and they were not part of the Scotland. But now the Scottish nobles are expecting him to choose sides. Christina Fraser is the daughter of a nobleman who was once imprisoned for supporting William Wallace. Her father is desperately trying to get Tor to train the elite team of highlanders, so he does a little bit of trickery, a bit of manipulation, a pinch of threatening and a whole lot of daughter beating This is not a spoiler honestly it's not: He trains the special ops men and is determent to resist his lovely new wife, she does domestic stuff and tries to impress her husband and make him fall in love with her Tor wants to keep Christina in the dark about his involvement with the special ops, and she can't help herself so she involuntarily and accidentally snoops around and trys to find out as much as possible about her husband she's in love with him and wants to know him And then they get a their HEA.

Hopefully the following books will focus more on romance and less on the politics and the Highlander SEALs abilities. View 2 comments. The moment I read the blurb of this book, I knew I had to read it. Never mind that it's a 12 book series. The idea of elite soldiers being trained in secrecy was intriguing in itself, but when these men happened to be Highland warriors, handpicked for being the best of the best, I knew I was sold.

This book lived up to my expectations. Both Tor and Christina were amazing. There was a heavy dose of romance to satisfy all historical romance lovers.

The way the bond between the men was created was v The moment I read the blurb of this book, I knew I had to read it. The way the bond between the men was created was very well shown.

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These men who belonged to feuding clans or were loners used to depending only on themselves, came together to create an amazing team, the likes of which were never seen before. I only wish more of their rigorous training was detailed.

I was eagerly reading those parts of the story. Hopefully the next books will satisfy my need for more action oriented scenes. Jan 02, Gilgamesha rated it really liked it.

What a great way to start my year of reading. Monica McCarty is hands down an amazing writer. I was really impressed by her in depth research of the period and her ability to fictionalize King Robert's wars to reclaim Scotland. The hero of the story was likable as well, but I did not like the heroine. She was too much of a doormat for me to appreciate her character in any way.

I still enjoyed the story and all secondary characters. Great start to the series. Nov 03, HeatherJay rated it liked it Shelves: Highlanders, smexy times and heaving bosoms are my perfect trifecta in a good romance. The Chief is the story of Tormod MacLeod. The story begins shortly after the death of William Wallace, prior to the crowning of Robert the Bruce as King of Scotland.

Tor has remained neutral in the rising tensions between England and Scotland. His first priority is to protect his clan from a war like the one that almost decimated them so many years before. This is his one and only focus and he does not have time for trivial matters of the heart. Lord Fraser will do anything to marry off his daughters to anyone that will offer him the most advantageous or financially beneficial deal. In order to protect her meek sister, Christina reluctantly agrees to a scheme against Tor that will insure his marriage to Christina.

I won't tell you what is involved as it is truly despicable. However, Father of the Year Fraser gets what he wants in the end and a marriage made in hell is born. As previously stated, I love me some smexy highlander romance. However, I found the initial "sexual tension" of Tor a little distracting. The following female mannerisms may induce unintentional cock stirrage: Tucking a lock of hair behind your ear 2. Smiling coyly as you peek over your lashes not sure how you "peek over your lashes" but apparently men dig it.

Smelling incredible or fresh and innocent 4. Throwing your arms around a man in a child-like embrace eww!

The Chief (Highland Guard #1) by Monica McCarty

Cleaning the fireplace 6. Cleaning the floor 7.

Eating figs 8. Walking fast No wonder Mel Gibson was so frustrated in Braveheart. With all this wanton womanly behavior, it's a wonder he accomplished anything. What I did like about The Chief was the back story.

One of the conditions of marrying Lady Fraser was that Tor would now have to secretly train a group of elite warriors to help in Robert the Bruce's quest to free Scotland. I do like Monica McCarty's writing. Her details in the political aspects of the time gave me a better understanding of the slippery slope that some of the clan chiefs had to manuever. It certainly had more depth than a typical book of this genre. I adored Tor. I love a complete jerk with a soft side. Christina grated on me.

I need my heroines with some backbone and the neediness was very excessive. I found myself shaking the book at times because she was so pathetic. In any case, I will continue on with the series.

I'm happy MacSorely is the protagonist in the next book poor Gordon! View all 8 comments. Big sexy highland warrior, and a sweet, determined heroine. What's not to like?

Wanted to smack Tor upside the head a couple of times, but loved their romantic journey. Their story as well as the action, danger and mystery made this hard to put down.

Highland Guard Series 8-Book Bundle

Already downloaded the next audio-book. Dec 09, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now this was a great story!!! And loosely based on actual historical figures..

I'm going through a bit of a Highland phase right now.. Jul 08, Lisa - Aussie Girl rated it really liked it Shelves: Nice combination of history and romance. Feb 25, Regan Walker rated it liked it Shelves: I found it disappointing. McCarty can certainly write well good dialog, well phrased narrative , and the idea of a special forces unit to defend Robert the Bruce was certainly an interesting concept, but the story and the match of hero to heroine were only so so.

Here are the low points: Finally, and this is a comment made by many reviewers on all the books in the series, the hero may be a hunky Highlander, but the heroine was weak and in this case, whiny. I like strong heroines. In this case, the hero and heroine were mismatched. OK, right off the bat, the whole manipulation-into-marriage turned me off to the heroine as well as the hero it made him look weak. But I could have gotten over that if it was the only negative.

It was the relationship between them that so disappointed.

He was a clan chief dominated by his duty and she was…not interesting…and really had no feeling for the burden he carried. By page , they had not seen eye to eye and the heroine was getting on my nerves. I got that he lusted for her body, but love? The book was too easy to put down. I have read others by McCarty I really enjoyed; her writing is generally quite good.

Frankly, while parts of The Chief were entertaining, I did not find it enthralling. The rebellion against England seems squashed. Robert the Bruce decides to form a special team of the greatest Highland warriors to fight agaist the King Edward's legion. Each area of warfare is covered. The list of warriors includes: Tormod "Chief" MacLeod: Alchemy and Explosives Robert "Raider" Boyd: Scouting and Reconnaissance Tor MacLeod has been selected to train this secret army for this alternate form of warfare.

The Highlanders need to unite under Scotland's banner, and set aside the bitter feuds dividing them as countrymen. But first, Tor must be recruited to lead. The Western Isle clans continue to live autonomously despite their annexation into Scotland and Tor wants no part of the conflict between England and Scotland.

The Chief (Highland Guard #1) by Monica McCarty

He has worked hard to rebuild his clan. When he is offered a position in the Highland Guard he is intrigued but declines the offer. Circumstances change when an underhanded event occurs leading him to marry a young woman whose family is politically invested in Scotland's freedom. Christina Fraser accepts her fate as Tor's new bride. She wants a husband and children.

Plus, Tor has awakened her sexually. Now, she comprehends she's ill-suited for a nunnery.

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Christina wants a Lancelot to her Guinivere. She will do her best to acquire Tor's trust, respect, and affection. He will not make it easy. While the story is historically set the characters behave in a modern manner. They discuss their "feelings," needs, and wants. The Highlanders training is similar to Navy Seals from what I've seen in movies. If you set aside the modern feel, the book is an enjoyable read. The romance was satisfying. Tor and Christina are likable characters with issues they overcome without any big misunderstandings.

I liked Christina's spunk. She did her best not to let Tor intimidate her. She stood up to him and gave herself willingly. Gregor rescues her, thus giving Cate a serious case of hero worship. He brings Cate to his home and gives her to his mother to raise.


He visits a handful of times and Cate's worship begins to mature into love. The story really begins when Cate is twenty and Gregor thirty-one and he comes home for a little rest and relaxation from the war. Gregor wasn't around her much while she was growing up, I never found it icky or weird when he starts to develop and acknowledge his feelings for Cate, even when he calls himself her ward. Even though the title of this book is "Arrow" I would almost argue this is more of Cate's story.

She is the open, honest, and fearless woman we all want to be. It may seem like her love for Gregor was born from childish feelings, they in fact may have been, but she proves over and over that she really sees the true man behind the pretty face.

It may make you feel frustrated as Gregor refuses and pushes Cate away again and again and Cate comes up with reasons to justify his actions.In my case, a Historical Romance Author. Nevertheless, since he has a dee Beautiful pictures of Isle of Skye. It seemed natural. In here we found a strong, powerful and trustworthy warrior.

So Tor marries Christina and is super pissed about it. Monica McCarty is hands down an amazing writer. View all 4 comments.