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Once and Always, one of Judith McNaught's most masterful and movin Shelves: e-pcs, 3-star-read, genre-historical-romance, hero-is-a-douche. Bestselling author Judith McNaught masterfully portrays a rema A verdade é que o seu “Para Sempre” já me tinha comovido há uns meses, e ofereceu algumas lufadas de ar Agora o “Algo Maravilhoso” veio cumprir o mesmo propósito. 7 ago. Tom Miller sempre teve o poder e o controle. . E agora é o meu trabalho para manter seu corpo funcionando como uma máquina perfeita.

This is the one.. The one that started my chemical embalance towards everything historical romance I was an avid reader, in elementary school. Anyone out there remember Fear Street? Anne Rice and Stephen King ranking among my top authors. Then life happened, and I stopped picking up books for well over a decade.

One, of course being Rhonda Krieger, a fe This is the one.. One, of course being Rhonda Krieger, a fellow GR guru. One day, she asked if I ever read, in which I replied. Who on earth reads that crap. My God Not me. To apease Rhonda, and basically get her off my back, I took the above mentioned book, Ladies and Gentleman, I have an announcement. Now pay attention, because this is the only time you will hear me utter these 3 words Yup, you heard me.

This book, will forever go down in my history as the THE book, the one that opened my mind, my heart, along with my eyes to reading again, and the amazingly beautiful stories created by thousands of awesome literary minds out there.

Judith McNaught, will forever be, One of my favorite authors, of all time. My only complaint, is her apparent decision to stop writing historical romances, and her diversion to more contemporary.

Historical Romance lovers of the world I tend to get carried away You must read all of Ms. McNaughts Historical romances. Prepare yourselves, for an amazing journey, full of tears, hysterical laughter, frustrating anger may even find yourselves throwing the book, one or two times, screaming 'OMG These are what Historical romance is all about!!

And of course View all 20 comments. And what an emotional roller coaster ride it was. The passion and the angst are just dripping from every page. I was completely sucked into the story from beginning to end. These books… words cannot express my love for them. She was orphaned at the young age of 18, when her parents were killed in a carriage accident. With no family left in America, and no immediate marriage prospects, Victoria and her younger sister, Dorothy are sent off to England to live with distant relatives there.

Relatives they have never met or even heard mention of… and apparently relatives of great rank and wealth. What does that make us, Tory? Do we have titles? She was also a girl with an incredibly positive outlook on life. She was free spirited and innocent, but also strong willed and proud.

She overcame great set-backs, first dealing with the tragic death of her parents, a trip across the ocean, and then upon her arrival, the complete rejection of her great grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Claremont, who apparently was only interested in adopting her younger sister. She was to be taken in by her distant cousin, Charles Fielding, the duke of Atherton, and his nephew Jason Fielding, the Marquess of Wakefield, to live with them at their estate.

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He was dark and devastating handsome, moving with a panther-like grace that made him one of the most desired bachelors in Europe. Despite his dangerous and threatening countenance.

Having survived a troubled childhood and then the loss of his wife and son, he was determined to live his life out alone, pouring himself into his work and his fortunes, to fill the void of his blackened heart. He sought out women only as an ornament for his arm at social affairs or to warm his bed when he so desired. So when he read in the paper, his apparent betrothal to his young cousin, Miss Victoria Seaton, he was not only shocked, but completely enraged by the rumor. The sparks fly almost immediately between these two.

Victoria is so innocent and kind, she tries to reach out to him, but is immediately shot down. Feeling completely alone and rejected by her family, Victoria would like nothing better than to leave and sail back to New York, but she finds herself completely without options and no where else to go. A true optimist faced with devastating circumstances. She perseveres without despair. Constantly trying to make the best of her situation. And always loyal, awaiting the return of her first love, Andrew to come for her to take her home.

And she enchanted everyone that crossed her path And what a bastard he could be. He was such an incredibly tortured soul… He completely shuts himself off to happiness and love… and his past is so mysterious and dark.

He is an enigma, an alpha maniac, a paragon of grief and despair. The writing is outstanding!!! Just writing this review has me wanting to read it all over again. He had found the place he belonged… He was home now.

View all 48 comments. Feb 28, Geri Reads rated it liked it. I loved this one when I first read it, oh, about 18 years ago Unfortunately, I'm not too crazy about it now. I still liked it but the constant misunderstanding, Victoria's wishy-washiness, Jason's cruelty grated on me. For example, Victoria's penchant for putting herself in danger would have been fine with me years ago, but now, oh my gawd!

I can't even. And Jason Fielding felt unnecessarily cruel to me. Still, I enjoyed this one.

The writing did feel dated but it's Judith McNaugh I loved this one when I first read it, oh, about 18 years ago The writing did feel dated but it's Judith McNaught.

Reading this again gave me a sense of nostalgia of the good old days where heroines were special snowflake Mary Sues and rapey heroes roam romancelandia.

If I had read this one now, I definitely would've hated it. View all 18 comments. Jun 09, Susanne rated it really liked it Recommended to Susanne by: I've found a potentially new favorite author, but unfortunately not a new favorite book.

There was so much going for this book, but in the end I am still battling over how many stars it deserves. I really don't know how to explain any of this without spoiling the book. So beware, there might be mild spoilers below. It was a high-quality, well-written regency romance.

There were parts that truly sparkled and at one point I was sure it was going to make it to the top. There was an unmistakable aura I've found a potentially new favorite author, but unfortunately not a new favorite book. There was an unmistakable aura of virility about Jason that made female hearts flutter. His thick hair was coal black, his piercing eyes the green of India jade, his lips firm and sensually molded. Tough, rugged strength was carved into every feature of his sun-bronzed face, from his straight dark brows to the arrogant jut of his chin and jaw.

Add a feisty, incredibly warm and sweet heroine from America, a dashing, dangerous hero with a tortured past, meddling relatives and a ton debut and you get this book! It had all the right ingredients. It was charming and funny, and I loved the language and the tone of the book.

I especially liked all the interactions with the ton! What I didn't like was Jason's abominable treatment of Victoria. Just because you've been treated badly does not give you an excuse to treat other people horribly! He constantly jumped to the wrong conclusions, and always thought the worst. And the wedding night completely horrified me! After that, he really couldn't redeem himself in my eyes.

To be honest, I couldn't fathom what Victoria saw in him. There were also some loose ends. The book is in desperate need of an epilogue. The Andrew subplot was very unsatisfactory.

And the poor guy had done nothing wrong but was left heartbroken. It was almost a small cliffhanger - and then we are left hanging? There was also too little groveling on Jason's part IMO, and there was too little time before the end. I wasn't sure they had resolved all their issues and was on the path of HEA when the book ended.

View all 96 comments. Jan 20, Daniella rated it did not like it. Hate me all you want, but this story was utter bullshit to me.

Emphasis on the "me" part, people. Before you slit my wrists and burn me at the stake, I want to make it clear that this is based on how I feel about the story.

My opinions do not invalidate yours, so if you can't tolerate negative comments about this book, by all means don't read this review. Verbal abuse. These are definitely elements of a great romantic novel, right? Holy fucking shit, man. You know what? I'm too mad, disturbed and nauseated to do this. Thank God my pal Alienor wrote a comprehensive review.

You can check it out here: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to therapy or something. View all 38 comments. Aug 16, TJ rated it liked it Shelves: In terms of writing ability and talent, Judith McNaught will always be a 5 star for me. Her gift for drawing the reader into the very emotions of the characters is amazing! As is her ability to reveal all the layers of the soul, bit by bit until discovery and redemption are not only found but felt. As with all things, with great gifts come great responsibilities, however.

If we, the readers, are drawn into the heart of a tortured soul, we need also be allowed to experience the process of redempti In terms of writing ability and talent, Judith McNaught will always be a 5 star for me. Jason is a deeply tortured soul who treats the innocent and kind-hearted Victoria despicably, using every cruel method he can find to push her away, while shackling her to him at the same time.

Victoria doesn't understand and tries all she can think of to soften and heal him to no avail. McNaught's gift with emotions made this very hard to read. It all would be worth it, however, if we could see and feel Jason's remorse and restitution on his road to redemption as thoroughly as we see his atrocities. Unfortunately redemption came with very little explanation can someone PLEASE tell me how having sex again right after raping someone will make it all better?

That just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, in spite of the near-redeeming incident in the last few pages which ALMOST raised this to a 4 star. View all 13 comments. Jul 09, Shawna rated it liked it Recommends it for: Yes, he suffered a horribly abusive childhood, a manipulative first wife, and agonizing grief, and for that I understood his cynical, detached coldness. I wanted a lot more groveling on his part, and it definitely needed an epilogue.

View all 26 comments. Me ha gustado mucho. Muy chula. Que todos, familiares, criados, amigos, etc, movieran sus hilos para que la pareja "cuajara" es uno de los puntazos del libro.

Y engancha tela Historical romance readers, JM fans. After reading one of her contemporary romantic suspense novels and now one of her historicals, I have to say I'm blown away by the talent she has for switching between genres so beautifully. Usually an author's style of writing limits them to a certain genre and when they try to change genres it usually isn't that effortless Judith McNaught is one helluva writer.

What I loved most about this book was the heroine, Victoria. She was innocent, determined, strong-willed, gorgeous and infinitely loving. I'm usually a lot more harsh on the heroine than I am on the hero but Victoria immediately ticked all the boxes for me. Actually, Jason was probably the hot and cold one in this book.

Sometimes his love for Victoria could be doubted. Judith really takes 'tortured hero' to the next level. I know he came across as a ruthless bastard to some readers but I definitely didn't get that impression. Although I would probably warn away readers who are sensitive to cruel behaviour from a hero because Jason just might hit a nerve, but I, for one, had truly forgiven him for any of his past harshness after his reaction to Victoria's 'accident'.

When Mike Farrell left, Jason stretched his hand toward Victoria's cloak, his fingers slowly closing on the wet wool, pulling it toward him. The muscles at the base of his throat worked convulsively as he brought the sodden cloak to his chest, stroking it lovingly with his hand, and then he buried his face in it, rubbing it against his cheek.

Waves of agonizing pain exploded through his entire being, and the tears he had thought he was incapable of shedding fell from his eyes. And then he screamed it. I was kept enthralled right to the very end, which was dramatically satisfying. I love the ride Judith McNaught takes her readers on in her books and the eventual satisfaction she gives them. She doesn't coat things with sugar. Sometimes I feel like she's trying to wound us up emotionally as much as possible until we're in complete anguish before she works her magic.

She manages to create such epic romances that take you to the kind of world where everything is just above reality. Victoria gazed adoringly at his handsome, pale face, and then she ran straight toward him, flinging herself against him and wrapping her arms tightly around him.

For a moment Jason was perfectly still, struggling with his rampaging emotions, and then the tension drained out of his rigid body. His hands lifted to Victoria's waist, slowly encircling her, then tightening with crushing force and hauling her against his full length. I love you so! I was expecting one and I was really cheesed off when I didn't get one. I'm not doubting the happy ending but I think it would've been nice to know how many children Victoria and Jason ended up having and what Jason was like as a father especially because of the tragic death of his young son and the unhappiness his first marriage brought him.

I suppose an epilogue isn't essential but I've gotten used to having them there for an extra bit of satisfaction, and not having one made it feel like the cherry was missing on top of the cupcake. View all 16 comments. Nueva York. Pero hay un par de cosillas a Jason que no le perdono y por eso no se lleva el sobresaliente. Me quedaron unos detalles en la trama que me hubiesen gustado que los desarrollara, algunos que nos los aclarase mejor.

View 2 comments. Aug 28, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: The relationship between Jason and Victoria just rubbed me wrong.

I didn't like Jason as a "hero". His past was alluded to for a large part of the story, but not spelled out until the end. By that time, I was convinced that he was such an ass that nothing about the events leading up to his relationship with Victoria were going to change my mind. One more thing bothered me but I'm spoiler tagging it. I was not happy that he was banging her for most of the book to begin with, but he never actually states that he will be faithful to Victoria, does he?

Correct me if I'm wrong. Everyone uses her and manipulates her until her life isn't her own, and she was expected to forgive and forget. She tries so hard to make Jason love her, to squeeze a tiny bit of feeling from him, but it's like pushing against a brick wall I was actually appalled at his treatment of her a couple of times.

Obviously, I still enjoyed the book to an extent. I'm not sure how I could give this a terrible rating because it's still a McNaught book. Vivid imagery and somehow, she has a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter without any stretches of boring lead-up. Just not a favorite for me. View all 5 comments. May 22, Floripiquita rated it really liked it. View all 4 comments.


Mar 26, Zeek rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once and Always is an earlier release for Judith McNaught and though I know I've read it before it's been so long, I had forgotten all about it.

Because of this, it felt brand new again. Re-reading Once and Always was such a pleasure, because it still holds up- after all these years- and it packs a powerful emotional punch.

Although, I must admit, probably not so much now as compared to back in the day, because so many authors have copied her style. Jason Fielding, embittered by a marriage gone Once and Always is an earlier release for Judith McNaught and though I know I've read it before it's been so long, I had forgotten all about it. Jason Fielding, embittered by a marriage gone horribly wrong, is not interested in marrying ever again. His father has other ideas.

Charles Fielding wants an heir and he wants Victoria Seaton, the daughter of the woman he loved and lost years ago, to give his son that heir. When Victoria, orphaned and alone, shows up at Jason's Esatate he's sure she's yet another empty-headed, gold digger.

But her free-spirited charm, kindness and sharp mind begin to weaken his resolve from the first moment he meets her. Victoria has sworn to never marry for anything but love and the arrogant Jason Fielding is the last man she would ever consider marrying, especially since she's already met the love of her life back home in America.

Circumstances change though when she gets word that Andrew, the man she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with, marries someone else and the ailing Charles Fielding makes her promise to marry Jason.

Misunderstandings ensue when Jason, for self-preservation reasons- pulls away from her soon after their marriage. On top of that, Andrew suddenly appears, unmarried and desirous of a re-connection with Victoria. When Victoria discovers that Charles and Jason tricked her into marriage- she abandons the Estate on a wild ride, disappointed beyond belief- the tremulous dream of everlasting love dashed once again by the betrayal of men. Though Jason is the type of man to love once and always Okay, this is old school romance.

The guy is alpha, brooding and difficult to like. But Mcnaught won me over with Victoria- she charmed the mean Jason Fielding out of his arrogance and me right along with him. Sadly, they just don't write these emotional tour-de force romance novels anymore and I miss them. Realizing this book is a first in many ways, I'm giving it 4. Can't wait to re-read some of McNaught's other oldies! View all 10 comments.

Nov 22, Carissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I simply loved it!!! View all 7 comments. Dramatic, passionate and romantic!

I first read this Regency historical romance when I discovered it in my early twenties, and am finally writing a review. It's one of my favorite romances ever which is a big deal for me 'cause I don't have too many 5-star books on my bookshelf.

It contains everything I enjoy: I'm not going to rehash the plot or go into detail about everything that I like about this book, but what I love most is how much Jason loves Victoria, and how her love saves him from himself. This is amazing because, well, this man is as emotionally dysfunctional as they come! So he isn't the perfect hero—at least initially.

He's cold, arrogant and domineering to nearly everyone: The man has a chip on his shoulder as big as the rock of Gibraltar: His aristocratic father and ballerina mother, who weren't married, had given him up as an infant. Jason is also cheated on by his first wife who runs off with her lover and taking their young son—the only person Jason loves—along with her in an attempt to extort money from him.

They end up both dying, and with it, Jason's capacity to love and trust. I agree that's it's ugly, but believe he did not set out to hurt her deliberately. Jason has already fallen secretly in love with her by this time. In fact, it was love at first sight for him. Victoria had been drinking because she'd been nervous about consummating their marriage of convenience, being a virgin and thinking Jason didn't love her.

Unfortunately, the wine had made Victoria nauseous. But she only tells him that he's going to make her sick. Thinking this is revulsion for him and unbearably hurt by the fact that she had nearly run from him at the altar that morning, Jason takes her without foreplay or gentleness. I understood his behavior even while I didn't approve. The man was in pain, feeling rejected and lashing out in response.

The important aspect is that Jason feels contrite and apologizes he tells Victoria "I'm sorry" while she's sleeping, so she doesn't hear him.

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Best of long island nail salon. Gta sa-mp full download. Logmein gotoassist login. Please chose! Be my guest! Physical violence? Psychological harassment? Just fucking chose because it contains all those and more. You can't imagine how much this fact scares me and I'll try to explain why in this review. This is going to be quick : I will spare you the plot which turns rounds and rounds in circles endlessly, the characters not willing to quit making idiotic decisions because really, it's not even the matter at hand.

Just know that this story is filled with more dumb twists and misunderstanding nonsense than a vaudeville show. To sum up, a young American woman, Victoria, arrives in England shortly after her parents' death to be taken care of by Charles Fielding, a lifelong acquaintance of her mother.

But the old Duke has an hidden purpose : to marry her with his illegitimate son, Jason. What interests us here is the relationship between the two 'lovebirds' throughout this review, you can safely take my quotations marks as sarcasm. From their first meeting, Jason keeps threatening Victoria each time he thinks that she is going to go against his wishes, invariably congratulating her by a "Good Girl" if she ends agreeing with him.

No matter how perfect she is portrayed to be, how interested he is supposed to be in her 'refreshing' behavior, it remains that his behavior shows something else entirely.

Oh, poor thing, he's going to give her some med. Nice, you say? Not conviced? I suppose that I should be happy to know that he doesn't fully means that now should I? Just take a look at his reaction the day after their wedding : "Jason stood in the gaping hole of the doorway, his face white with rage, his voice hissing between his teeth. This house is my property, under the law, just as you are my property.

Do you understand me? He turned his heel and stalked out of the room, leaving her shaking with fear" Not to mention that he just crashed the door to come in. More generally, we are witnesses to so many scenes where he commits acts of violence against her that it doesn't comes as a surprise that she is scared to death by him. The fact that this behavior can be identified as expressions of passion sickens and infuriates me. No man or woman, for that matter has the right to resort to harassment in order to obtain someone's affection.

From his earlier behavior, you might expect that he doesn't improve when it comes to the sexual development of their relationship.

Sadly, you wouldn't be wrong. Basically, he physically forces her to give him their first two kisses. Kiss 1 "This is what would happen!She needed and deserved a better hero and only at the very end does she This book was an epic story of two very different personalities who by circumstances find that they must marry.

This is the one.. Paulo Doce de porra. Vampiro Armand. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we' ll send you a link to download the free. Ledgard J. It would have been nice if the heroine had held him to his lesser behavior a little longer, but all in all a wonderful heroine. I'm not a cry-baby but I was picturing this scene in my head, and I felt a lump in my I read almost all of Judith McNaught's novels but "Something Wonderful" is definitely my favorite.

It was a high-quality, well-written regency romance.